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Purchasing your dream home requires some due-diligence,
& involves a little introspection.
We're here to help you navigate .


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When purchasing a property, it is important to understand the applicable upfront and ongoing costs. 


Some of the costs involved with home ownership may include government charges, transfer fees, conveyancing, insurance, strata, council fees, plus more.


Understanding your maximum ' funds to complete ' position will enable you to narrow your search, negotiate with more confidence, and present yourself more professionally in the bidding process.

Tips to navigate through the purchase process.

Deciding to buy

Once you have made the decision to buy, have a good look at your current situation, establish your budget and seek legal help and guidance from a conveyancer.

Find a loan that suits you


Being pre-approved for any property acquisition is contingent on assessing your borrowing capability well in advance. This step is focal in determining your overall budget. Keep your financials ready, as well as a list of your monthly outgoings .

Prepare for the real cost of buying


Buying a property doesnʼt stop at the price tag: there are additional fees involved such as government and legal fees.

We can collaborate with your team of experts to map out your true cost, and the final loan amount.

Searching for your new home


Whatever your selection, numerous factors can and will influence the value of the property such as the size of the block, access to amenities/schools/public transport, and many other factors which need to be considered to ensure that the bankʼs valuation will match the purchase price.
Our complimentary property reports can help you form a basic understanding of the area, so feel free to ask us how this works.

Make an offer


It is important to seek our advice so that your finance can be tailored to meet the offer requirements. Finance for a private bid can be vastly different to that of an Auction basis.

After your offer has been accepted, you will need to send us the executed contract of sale so that we can work on an “unconditional approval” for you and the lender will conduct their final checks. 


This is when official ownership passes from the seller to you, and you pay the balance of the sale price.

Don’t let settlement day stress you out. With the right guidance and preparation, you will be moving in before you know it.

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