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Your financial  journey begins here 

Our approach centres on objective and pertinent advice, underpinned by deep expertise of the mortgage sector.

In this context, a one-to-one financial review is the first step in our preliminary assessment and diagnosis of your circumstances;

Advisory process


Initial contact

The first step in our discovery analysis is to learn more about you and your current circumstances, this in order to ensure that you are starting with a clear picture of what is most important to you.

In this dialogue, you can expect us to dive deeper into your current assets and liabilities, your cash flow, income, and future property ambitions.

This initial fact find will ensure that you will leave your first meeting feeling more informed regarding the choices available to you.


Preliminary Assessment

We will ascertain more intricate information regarding your residency, financial situation and credit history to enable us to determine the best lender and product selection to suit you or your business. 


In addition, we'll discuss what kind of property you are looking to acquire or refinance, and also your financial expectations - this will help your advisor to tailor the advice specific to your personal situation.

Your advisor will then answer any questions you may have and provide explanations of mortgage types, interest rates, the mortgage process and the additional costs involved to ensure there are no surprises as you progress through your application.

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Research analysis

Your advisor will research deals from across the multiple lenders for you and using the information from the initial meeting will recommend a handful of products (usually two to three ) that are most suitable for your individual circumstances. 

We may also conduct a valuation upfront of your property/s to gain perspective of your current equity position.


Funding decision

Once we have finalised the formalities with the lender, we will liaise with you on any outstanding documents required by the bank. We will explain the conditions of the loan and advise you if any additional information is required. 

Following on from meeting the terms and conditions of the loan, we will then proceed to order documentation and progress the file to an ' Unconditional approval ' status.

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Document Execution

We will sit with you and go through your letter of offer in detail explaining your contractual obligations, the repayments, interest rates, fees and charges and any other documents relevant to the loan.


You will be provided with a copy of all the documents, terms and memorandum of common provisions.


This is your formal contract with the bank that outlines the terms and conditions of your loan.



Once your loan documentation has been executed and finalised, we will touch base with you to explain any post settlement matters. 

You may also hear from us on your one year anniversary from your loan drawdown date to confirm how everything is tracking, and perform an updated review.

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