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Augment Growth



Some types of Business funding are faster to get than others, some require more security, some are more flexible, and some with less strings attached.

We are well versed in the more complex lending requirements of companies and offer a wide range of on and off balance sheet financing.


You’re looking to expand

It’s not just about larger premises or new property.
Expansion can mean new equipment, more staff,
marketing, or diversifying your business into other areas.
When conditions are right, and opportunities present
themselves, finance can help realise these opportunities.

Getting your inventory right

Having enough stock on the floor when you know you’re about to get busy can be tricky.

You may need to buy your inventory before you get a chance to sell it. Having the right finance means you’ll be ready to make the most of new trends and seasonal demands.

Keep the cash flowing.

Cash flow is vital for any business. There are finance
products that can be used to give you capital or
to grow, all while maintaining the funds you
need to meet your day-to-day expenses.

Acquiring new assets.


This is one of the most common reasons to secure finance, an equipment or vehicle loan can be structured to preserve cash flow and also leverage any potential tax benefits your accountant or tax adviser may suggest. Given the equipment is the security, you may not need to use other assets as collateral.

Life is busy being a proprietor,

it can be hard to find the time, yet it’s so important to get it right!

Packing orders

Explore the Options

Set term loan  

                                                                A business loan that allows you to make scheduled repayments, making it an ideal financing solution for business growth and development.   

Range of loan terms depending on Lender.

Diverse range of security options

Including goodwill, residential or commercial property, debtors, rent rolls, strata rolls, work in progress or a combination of these.

Line of credit

A line of credit lets you draw against a set amount of funds when you need it, making it an ideal form of short to medium term working capital.   

Interest is only charged on what you utilise.

Diverse range of security options

Including residential or commercial property, goodwill, debtors and rent rolls.

Business overdraft 

An overdraft lets you access a set amount of funds beyond the balance in your business account, which can help you manage your short-term cashflow fluctuations.

Pre-approved limits align with your turnover.

Withdraw funds up to an approved overdraft limit ($250,000 minimum).

Interest is only charged on the amount that you draw down from your pre-approved 

Property-backed loans


Borrow against the value of your residential or commercial property with property-backed loans that cater for both simple and complex borrowing structures.


Fund the purchase of a commercial property, investment property or expand your business with a property secured loan. 

Flexible repayment options


Loan terms up to 30 years for both Residential and Commercial when cross collateralised.

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